About Us

Welcome to Ikanesia Koi Farm, Wonderful Koi in Town.

We are koi fish seller in Indonesia. We sell every kind of koi fish to all of customer across the country worldwide.

We develop high quality koi fish and very durable from most disease. Our supplier are exist in every region in Indonesia. 

Our Product

We sell most of koi fish species including some rare koi such as Kumonryu, Kikokuryu, Aragoke and many more.

We also sell koi medicine to cure koi from aeromonas, ulcer and gill disease.

Our Service

For Indonesia country, we can take care of sick koi, clean koi pond and check water parameter.

We also have customer service that can provide you 24 hours of consultation about all of koi fish problem.

Thank You ! You can ask us about latest koi stock.


Ikanesia Team koi bekasi