Shipping Method

International Shipping

Before purchase, please read our shipping policies:

1. Please inform us what country do you live in.

2. Koi Shipping costs $24 per kilo package koi fish and will be delivered from Indonesia to your country transhipper.

3. We will inform you a transhipper near your address.

4. You have to ask him/her how much costs for delivering koi fish from your country transhipper to your home.


So, there will be 2 kind of shipping costs:

1. Shipping cost $24 per kilo package fish from Indonesia to your transhipper country (you can pay to us including fish with paypal.

2. Shipping cost from your transhipper country to your home (you have to pay it to your transhipper).


Here is the simple map about our shipping method:

If you have some question you can ask us at +6221-88388284 or +6283872652495.

Domestic Shipping

Please call us for more information about domestic shipping.